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About Us

Hey! We are two guys by the name of Daniel Burestad Carlsson and Aslambek Hudajev – and we are North Based.

Our primary passion in life is video games - and creating games is what we truly love to do. We do not create just any games however, we create mobile games.

Mobile games are to us a form of moment-to-moment escapism, with the added benefit of stress reduction. Therefore we believe that mobile games should be easy to learn, satisfying and mesmerizing to play.

In the hectic and stressful societies of today where people walk faster, talk faster and even think faster we aim to help people relax through our games.

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Puffy Pinatas

Knock the candy out of the cute Pinatas in this fast paced and easy to play arcade game. Can you master the skill and get a sugar rush from collecting all the candy? Puffy Pinatas offers you an engaging gameplay — just tap to get started!

Pop The Box

Train your math skills and become the fastest of your friends! Pop The Box takes you on a journey on how quick you react, by subtracting numbers that fall down on your screen. Simply tap the blue numbers on the screen to shoot the boxes. Make sure that the boxes don’t go below zero.